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Sing and learn for the little ones

Babyclub takes a different and fun spin on popular children's songs and lets your child play with basic shapes, solve jigsaw puzzles and play memory games.

Come visit the cute dolphin and crazy lobster in their underwater cave. Listen to children's songs, watch funny cartoons and play easy minigames. Sing and Learn with Babyclub is a great game for children 0-4 years, it's really easy to play and, best of all, the characters speak in your native language!

Sing and Learn with Babyclub includes the favorite nordic children's songs "The bear is sleeping", "Little Cabin in the Wood", "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" - all played in alternative and funny versions and each with a fun cartoon.

What's included in the game?

Sing and Learn with Babyclub includes four songs, each with its own cartoon and minigames with shapes, jigsaw puzzles and memory. The minigames use artwork from the selected song and cartoon - and there's also instruments that can be played while watching a cartoon.

The song "The bear is sleeping" is free and the other songs must be purchased inside the app. They can be purchased individually or all at once.

Sounds fun. Where can I get it?

Sing and Learn with Babyclub is only available on the Apple App Store and only in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian (sorry everyone else). See available languages and links to app store below:

Danish language
Syng og lær med Babyklub

Swedish language
Sjung och lär med Babyklubb

Norwegian language
Syng og lær med Babyklubb

Does it contain ads?

No! This game is safe and child-friendly. There's no third-party advertising which means your child will not be forced to see annoying banners and video ads while playing the game. The game does promote a few of our other child-friendly games, in a non-intrusive way, and it does present purchase options when trying to access songs that are locked. The actual purchase process, however, cannot be entered without going through a Parent Gate mechanism.

Where's the Android version?

It's definitely the plan that Babyclub will be available on Android, but currently, there's no set date.

Did you create Babyclub all by yourself?

No. I was a part of the team that created Babyclub several years ago. I always liked the game, so when I got the chance, I decided to give it a new home here at Northmice.

I want to know more, where can I follow you

Follow me here, on this website, and on my Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. I’ll update whenever there’s something new and interesting. Also, sign up to my newsletter and get notified when there's something new.

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